Pulsar vs Kafka

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How is it better?
Sigma x   for Enterprise!

  • If you have Kafka today, Pulsar is a direct plug - in upgrade. Just change an IP and move data faster, with better scaling, and better data protection
  • Any Front-End Application Web 3.0 UI (Notebooks, React, Angular, Node.js)
  • Pulsar is already 2.5X Faster without the benefit of SigmaX acceleration! (100X faster with 20X better troughput.)
  • No requirement for separate event - processing pipelines (Storm functionality a la Kafka is baked - in as “Pulsar Functions”.)
  • Data Layers with pattern - matching and a ready library of over 300 AI/ML algorithms on Nvidia GPU’s
  • Extend the ecosystem dramatically, without round - trip to storage (Arrow is inline computable.)


What you don't see in Kafka has room for improvement

  • AI / ML
  • Inline Transforms/functions
  • Enrichment Loops
  • 100X better Latency, 20X Troughput
  • Safe writes are painfully slow in Kafka
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Kafka Ecosystem Requires Multiple Tiers to do the same Data Operations Pulsar includes

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Compare KAFKA to Pulsar

It goes beyond Latency and performance. Pulsar has built in data reliability features such as Geo-replication. It offers:

  • Tiered storage
  • Streaming and queuing
  • End-to_end FIPS 140-2 encryption support
  • Simple Cluster Scaling
  • Decentralized Writes
  • Multi-Tenancy Secure AND Shareable Data

Pulsar has all of these, Kafka has none.

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