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Oil and Gas Edge Analytics

The SigmaX Stack, paired with node.IOT curated hardware, with its fast built-in Apache Pulsar messaging system is a perfect fit for Oil and Gas data messaging needs. Our configuration beats KAFKA on latency, performance and in-built geo-replication

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On platforms and related edge environments, data messages need to be ingested, alerts driven and data geo-replicated so it is not lost. The SigmaX Stack enhances its edge capability by adding FPGA hardware assisted Ingest which provides real-time data coercion to Apache Arrow data format and offers real-time pre-analytics customization. Apache Arrow is a columnar memory-layout permitting O(1) random access and the layout is highly cache-efficient in analytics workloads. Developers can create very fast algorithms which process Arrow data structures.

In the an IoT-like real-time sensor monitoring dataflow, Apache Pulsar paired with very deep and cost effective OPTANE persistent memory provides a larger in-memory window for recent data to be kept and analytics to be run on that data there at the edge. Data can be durably stored back at the enterprise within HDFS clusters or moved to cost efficient cloud storage. In this scenario Apache Pulsar acts as the primary broker to deliver relevant data GPU assisted AI/ML independent of locality including there at the edge. All of these approaches bring efficiency, low latency access, data reliability and flexibility to data being ingested at the edge.

SigmaX is faster, lower latency, and more reliable geo-replicated storage with a more modern cluster quorum manager. We offer a subscription model with up to 5 year contract duration. Subscription includes support and feature enhancements for the term. SigmaX is the complete solution. Hardware, Software and Support all in one shop.

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