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SigmaX is home to the world’s fastest JSON-to-Arrow Parser. Every Enterprise has JSON. So, how stream-friendly are your JSON documents?
Ask us about how Pulsar is faster than Kafka, more resilient that MQTT, and more robust than ZeroMQ,
Change your pub/sub to one can host all your existing Kafka/MQTT workloads with just a single IP change!
Start with our 100% Open Source Software-only SigmaX stack, but future-proof by preparing for real-time data acceleration whenever you need it!
SigmaX: Faster, Cheaper, and more resilient than the competition!


The value of Data Recency, according to Harvard Business Review


Effectiveness for Model Time Period Relative to Best Model Predicting Given Relative Time Period (100MB)


Sigmax    Software Creates the Most Direct Value When it Intersects:

Data Recency

The highest-value data in the Enterprise is that which has the highest recency. Fresh data is more valuable.

Data Dissemination

A more highly-connected system contributes non-linearly to the value of an organization.

Ubiquity is key

Cloud computing contributes to agility and, under certain conditions, to economics. But contributes even more to ubiquitous access.

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in-Flight Data Formatting Results in Data Processing at Breakthrough Speeds

5G MEC, Autonomous Vehicle, Predictive Maintenance and similar edge compute and transport platforms need to make decisions and react at real-world speeds. Our extended heterogeneous processing support results in JSON to Apache Arrow Ingest at 100X lower latency vs. scaling out Xeon processors alone.


Lower Latency

Our extended heterogeneous processing support results in JSON to Apache Arrow Ingest at 100X lower latencies


Wall-Clock Savings

Wait less for data bound for notebooks and Data Science tools


Data Ingest Rates

Our product moves data to AI+ML at 20X better troughput than competing technologies


Featured Stack Elements

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Apache Arrow

Is an in-memory data format that is ideal for streaming analytics and big data systems. Arrow is the first piece in building an efficient, flexible and highly performant dataflow. Its columnar in-memory structure is cache efficient and allows for extremely fast query and processing in AI+ML and analytic environments.
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Apache Arrow Flight

This is a new client-server framework built for high performance transport of large datasets over network interfaces. Apache Arrow Flight is architected to be general purpose (can talk with any gRPC capable client with or without knowledge of Apache Arrow format), however, when paired with Apache Arrow data you get extreme efficiency in data movement
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Apache Pulsar

Apache Pulsar is a cloud-native, distributed messaging and streaming platform. It offers significant benefits when compared to other messaging platforms for example vs. Apache KAFKA. Pulsar is well suited for both Latency sensitive requirements of new 5G wireless data infrastructures as well as high bandwidth requirements put forward by high complexity schemas.
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Apache Presto

Apache Presto is a distributed SQL query engine designed to query large data sets distributed over one or more heterogeneous data sources. Presto is not a database however – It understands SQL which provide the features of a standard database but can operate against a modern streaming analytics distributed compute environment. Apache Presto is architected to perform well in big data scale environments and offers users of the Sigmax stack a simple SQL interface to query Pulsar data.

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SigmaX's Commitment to Apache Open Source Software

World Firsts @

Producer/Consumer: FPGA->Pulsar
Producer/Consumer: Nvidia GPU->Pulsar
Design for 5G-enabled Distributed Collect/Query

Multitude of Apache Core Improvements

Apache Pulsar, Presto, Arrow

Page-Aligned Buffers for FPGA/GPU processing

Type Handlers

PR’s for Pulsar, Arrow, Arrow Flight

Improvements to Apache Fletcher for expanded Datasets

Apache New Project Leadership

Apache Bolson Messaging Saturation Test Harness

Apache Illex Random At-Scale Data Generator

Apache Dive defining low-power device pre-processing and query of data

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Mercury Sigmax   Appliance

Unified Acquisition cost HW+SW, Linear Scaling

Single Contract HW + SW. 2 Week engagement to productivity

Integrated platform with defined point-releases. Highly customizable perproject.

Arrow Flight returns 80% of wall clock time to data scientists allowing for agile development.


“My Acquisition cost is too high and it takes 9 months to deploy a new system”


“Takes months to align contracts for hardware then software – then labor costs to perform integration”


“We do need to deliver a custom solution, but do we really have to maintain dozens of point-releases?”

Data Scientist

“Why am I waiting all this time for data to return to my Jupyter/Python notebook from a database?”


FPGA coprocessor accelerated Data Engineering

Deterministic processing guarantees record-order preservation
Fastest translation functions (any format in, more optimized format out)
Data rates exceed PCI and eclipse general-purpose processors' performance on latency dimension


Xeon/i86 family of processors Agility contributions

Multitude of Big Data methods and projects supported
Rapid horizontal scaling
High clock rate vs high parallelism


Nvidia GPU AI/ML and High Parallelism

Best in class AI/ML offloading
Well-known libraries, friendly to Data Scientists for algorithm development
High consistency with modern Data Engineering techniques

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Predictive Maintenance and similar edge compute and transport platforms need to make decisions and react at real-world speeds. Our extended heterogeneous processing support results in JSON